Date Title
12 November 2015 Element Six's diamond enables landmark test of Quantum mechanics
04 November 2015 Element Six introduces Diamond PureOptics - The first all-diamond optic delivering order of magnitude higher performance for high power laser systems
03 November 2015 Element Six to present on Engineering Diamond for new laser applications at the 20th Anniversary of the University of Strathclyde's Institute of Photonics
19 October 2015 Element Six to present new findings leveraging diamond heat spreaders for thermal managment of hotspots in Gallium Nitride Devices at IMAPS 2015
28 September 2015 Element Six Technologies diamond used by MQ Photonics Research Centre to create a high-power diamond laser
29 June 2015 Element Six presenting GaN-on-Diamond Thermal Management Technology at 2015 InterPACK and ICNMM Conference
12 June 2015 Element Six to present on synthetic diamond as ideal optical engineering material at CLEO/Europe-EQEC conference
08 June 2015 Element Six GaN-on-Diamond named Semiconductor Material of the Year by Electronic Device Industry News
12 March 2015 Element Six wins 2015 CS Industry award for breakthrough GaN-on-Diamond Wafer Technology
09 March 2015 Element Six presenting GaN-on-Diamond thermal management progress report at 2015 GOMACTECH conference
02 March 2015 Element Six to present GaN-on-Diamond advancements at 2015 China Semiconductor Technology International Conference
18 February 2015 Element Six Technologies partners with MIT researchers and Brookhaven National Laboratory to design qubits with staying power
29 January 2015 Element Six to present on diamond optical components for laser applications at SPIE Photonics West
20 January 2015 Element Six Technologies to accelerate synthetic diamond development for critical applications in 2015