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8 June 2015

Element Six Gan-on-Diamond named Semiconductor Material of the Year by Electronic Device Industry News

12 November 2014
Element Six introduces new PCD aerospace product portfolio - Aero-DianamicsTM proven to provide 3x increased productivity in CFRP processing

14 October 2014
Element Six Introduces New Thermal Grade of CVD Diamond - Diafilm TM130 for Semiconductor Heat Management

18 September 2014
Element Six Selected by European Consortium as a Partner to Develop Ultrafast Pulse Disk Lasers

9 July 2013
Element Six support the 65th Diamond Conference at Warwick University

20 May 2014
University of Warwick Chemistry Professor Awarded Royal Society Industry Fellowship in Partnership with Element Six

14 May 2014
Element Six’s GaN-on-Diamond Wafers Proven by Raytheon to provide 3x improvement in power density vs GaN-on-SiC for RF Devices

03 March 2014
Element Six Collaboration with the University of Warwick Introduce an All-Diamond Packaging Solution for High Performance Electroanalytical Sensing Applications

03 February 2014 
Element Six’s Synthetic Diamond Proven as Viable Material for Sophisticated Optical Components and Applications

31 January 2014
University of Strathclyde Demonstrates World’s First Continuously Operating Diamond Raman Laser and Tunable Diamond Raman Lasers Using Element Six Synthetic Diamond

16 September 2013
Element Six is nominated for The Manufacturer of the Year Awards 2013

09 July 2013
Element Six Increases Global Manufacturing Capacity for Microwave Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthetic Diamond 

05 July 2013
Element Six Shannon celebrates 50 years

04 July 2013
Element Six opens world’s most advanced synthetic diamond Innovation Centre near Oxford

29 May 2013
Element Six Acquires the Assets & Intellectual Property of Group4 Labs, Inc to Expand Portfolio of Synthetic Diamond Materials for the Semiconductor Industry

03 May 2013
Element Six and Delft University of Technology Demonstrates New Milestone Toward the Realization of a Solid-State Diamond Quantum Network

22 April 2013
Electrolytic Ozone Inc. Selected as One of the Top Twenty Most Viable Water Technologies in the World at the 2013 Global Water Summit

18 March 2013
Element Six and the University of Warwick Announce Development of New Boron-Doped Synthetic Diamond Electrode for Extreme Electroanalysis Sensing Applications

27 February 2013
Walter Hühn appointed CEO, Element Six

4 February 2013 
Element Six Increases Volume Manufacturing of Synthetic Diamond Optical Components in Silicon Valley - An enabler for Laser Produced Plasma Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

23 January 2013
Element Six announces departure of CEO, Cyrus Jilla

4 December 2012
Element Six continues to build global capabilities and industry leadership through acquisition of MegaDiamond’s cutting tool business

8 November 2012
Synthetic diamond leader seeks innovative new recruits

1 November 2012
Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire presents Element Six with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation

25 October 2012
Element Six appoints De Beers Group CEO Philippe Mellier as Chairman

19 October 2012
Element Six announces opening of new tungsten carbide facility to meet growing customer demand

16 October 2012
Atomic nuclei intimately entangled by a quantum measurement

24 July 2012
Element Six synthetic diamond protects CERN particle detectors in recently announced Higgs boson experiment results

27 June 2012
Synthetic diamond steps closer to next generation of high performance electrochemical applications

7 June 2012
Element Six and Harvard University collaboration on nano-engineered synthetic diamond sets a new quantum information record

23 May 2012
Element Six announces its first United States synthetic diamond manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley

8 May 2012
Global synthetic diamond innovation centre to be built in the UK

21 April 2012
Element Six wins Queen’s Award for synthetic diamond loudspeaker tweeter dome

20 April 2012
Element Six launches the extreme performance D PowerTM road pick with a lifespan 40 times greater than a standard road pick