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21 March 2018
Element Six Showcases Innovation and Welcomes Customers to First Event in China


28 September 2017

Element Six Synthetic Diamond Technology used in Siemens Zimpro® System for Spent Caustic Treatment


18 September 2017
Element Six Introduces Next Generation PureCut™ PCBN Technology to the Automotive Market
Element Six Introduces New Grade of PCD Diamond Optimised For Automotive Industry


3 July 2017
Element Six Diamox™ Technology honoured In the 2017 China Bluetech™ Awards


2 June 2017

Element Six introduces the first electrically conductive CVD diamond heat spreader, Diafilm™  ETC700 for high frequency and advanced electronic devices


24 April 2017

Element Six Diamox™ technology wins gold at 2017 Edison Awards


7 January 2017

Element Six announces 100 job expansion as part of €7million investment


9 December 2016

Element Six named Prism award finalist for its Single Crystal diamond technology


29 November 2016

Element Six extends its lead in patents for single crystal synthetic diamond


26 May 2016

Element Six demonstrates synthetic diamond as an ideal material for advancing quantum technology at Quantum Europe 2016


18 April 2016

Element Six Launches Diamox Technology for the Electrochemical Treatment of Highly Contaminated Wastewater


30 March 2016

Element Six wins the public vote in European Business Awards and is named National Champion for Luxembourg


16 February 2016

Element Six poised to lead synthetic diamond development in 2016


12 January 2016

Element Six begins patent infringement litigation against IIa Technologies


12 November 2015

Element Six diamond enables landmark test of Quantum mechanics


4 November 2015

Element Six introduces Diamond PureOptics - The first all-diamond optic delivering order of magnitude higher performance for high power laser systems


3 November 2015

Element Six to present on Engineering Diamond for new laser applications at the 20th Anniversary of the University of Strathclyde's Institute of Photonics


28 September 2015

Element Six Technologies diamond used by MQ Photonics Research Centre to create a high-power diamond laser


21 September 2015

Element Six Technologies Launches Synthetic Diamond Web Store


12 June 2015

Element Six to present on synthetic diamond as ideal optical engineering material at CLEO/Europe-EQEC conference


18 February 2015

Element Six Technologies partners with MIT researchers and Brookhave National Laboratory to design qubits with staying power


29 January 2015

Element Six to present on diamond optical components for laser applications at SPIE Photonics West


20 January 2015

Element Six Technologies to accelerate synthetic diamond development for critical applications in 2015

25 November 2014

Element Six joins SEMICON Japan to discuss synthetic diamond's role in semiconductor thermal management


12 November 2014

Element Six introduces new PCD aerospace product portfolio - Aero-DianamicsTM proven to provide 3x increased productivity in CFRP processing


14 October 2014

Element Six Introduces New Thermal Grade of CVD Diamond - Diafilm TM130 for Semiconductor Heat Management


18 September 2014

Element Six Selected by European Consortium as a Partner to Develop Ultrafast Pulse Disk Lasers


9 July 2014

Element Six support the 65th Diamond Conference at Warwick University


20 May 2014

University of Warwick Chemistry Professor Awarded Royal Society Industry Fellowship in Partnership with Element Six


03 March 2014

Element Six Collaboration with the University of Warwick Introduce an All-Diamond Packaging Solution for High Performance Electroanalytical Sensing Applications


03 February 2014 

Element Six’s Synthetic Diamond Proven as Viable Material for Sophisticated Optical Components and Applications


31 January 2014

University of Strathclyde Demonstrates World’s First Continuously Operating Diamond Raman Laser and Tunable Diamond Raman Lasers Using Element Six Synthetic Diamond