GaN-on-Diamond Heat Spreader

The world’s most thermally conductive material – CVD diamond within nanometers of gallium nitride (GaN)

Element Six’s GaN on- Diamond composite wafer technology, addresses heat issues that account for more than 50 percent of all electronic failures.

  • Reduces operating temperatures of packaged devices and overall system level costs
  • Produces smaller, faster and higher power electronic devices, with longer lifespans and improved reliability

Proven three-fold improvement in heat dissipation 

Element Six’s GaN on-Diamond technology was a critical element in TriQuint’s semiconductor device wining the Compound Semiconductor Industry Award for its ability to achieve up to a three-fold improvement in heat dissipation, while preserving RF functionality, a primary goal of the NJTT DARPA program.

Rapid, efficient and cost-effective heat extraction for RF and high-power device manufacturers

Element Six GaN on-Diamond wafer is the first of its kind to be commercial available.

  • Designed for manufacturers of transistor-based circuits with high power, temperature and frequency characteristics
  • Enables highest performance gallium nitride devices in both defense and commercial applications
  • Brings CVD diamond within 10’s of nanometers of the GaN for the industry’s best thermal conductivity for GaN wafers

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