Thermal management in solid state disc lasers

The extreme thermal conductivity combined with the other extreme properties of our CVD diamond, can transform solid state laser systems such as disc lasers enabling higher output powers, and improving the beam quality.

Disc laser conductivity


When mounted outside the disc laser cavity, the diamond is used for back surface disc cooling:

  • Highest room temperature thermal conductivity of any material, up to 2220 W/mK
  • High stiffness (Young’s modulus in excess of 1000 GPa)
  • High thickness, both as solid plates/ discs (>3 mm thick) and as composite solutions – multiple layers of thick diamond bonded together
  • High tolerance optical surface finishes
  • Planar or convex / concave shaped diamond solutions
  • Surface coating to enable effective bonding for YAG disc cooling
  • Robust mounting and cooling solution

Element Six’s single crystal CVD diamond for intracavity cooling of disc lasers
Integrating our CVD diamond into the laser cavity allows unparalleled level s of heat extractions, enabling the gain medium to work at its best.

  • Low birefringence single crystal material :  <2 E -6
  • Low absorption single crystal material : <0.005 /cm @ 1064 nm
  • High thermal conductivity pulls heat out from the front surface of the laser crystal or VECSEL


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