Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Oil & Gas Industry

Synthetic Diamonds for use in the Oil & Gas Industry

Element Six solutions reduce drilling time and minimise costly downtime by offering faster and longer drilling.

In a world where reserves are increasingly harder to reach and where sustainable energy supply is vital, Element Six is the company with a full portfolio of materials that can deliver the drilling performance the oil & gas industry needs.

The oil and gas exploration and extraction sector presents a high demand on the materials employed, ranging from extreme abrasive wear to high loads and high operating temperatures, combined with corrosive and erosive environments. Element Six solutions can reduce drilling time and minimise costly down-time by offering solutions for faster rates of penetration and longer tool lives.

We work in partnership with leading industry players to constantly develop customised products that evolve with the changing trends and increasingly higher demands of the energy industry. We offer a comprehensive range of supermaterial solutions to the oil and gas sector, including polycrystalline diamond (PCD) to tungsten carbide products.

Our oil & gas drilling cutter solutions
Element Six designs and manufactures a range of standard and customised synthetic diamond PCD cutters for use in oil and gas drill bits in hard-rock applications. The comprehensive range of standard and special products offers the widest possible range of drilling solutions to meet the challenging requirements of oil and gas production and exploration.

Polycrystalline diamond cutters – also known as polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDC) – are a polycrystalline diamond top layer sintered to a tungsten carbide substrate using a high-pressure, high-temperature process. This layer combination allows a consistently high drilling performance to be maintained. The polycrystalline diamond layer offers controlled wear and the retention of a sharp cutting edge, while the tungsten carbide substrate provides a strong and tough support for the polycrystalline diamond layer while facilitating attachment to the drill bit body. The chamfer details on both the polycrystalline diamond table and the tungsten carbide layers can be manufactured to customer requirements. We use the latest advances in materials technology coupled with optimised engineering design to achieve superior drilling performance across a broad range of environments. Learn more about (PCD) polycrystalline diamond.

Our synthetic diamond-impregnated drill bit solutions
When rock formations get too hard for effective drilling with PDC cutters, Element Six offers a range of materials for synthetic diamond-impregnated drill bits which utilise synthetic diamond grit segments as their cutting surface to abrade the rock. We offer a comprehensive range of synthetic diamond by size and strength, and we also have coating and encapsulation technologies which can further enhance cutting performance. Learn more about synthetic diamond grits and powders.

Our cutting inserts and wear plate solutions
Element Six polycrystalline diamond (PCD) solutions encompass cutting inserts and wear plates, to PCD thrust and radial bearings, PCD pump rotors and stators to PCD agitator parts. PCD thrust and radial bearings for improved downhole performance are typically custom-designed for each application. PCD bearings exhibit very low friction and wear characteristics under high load conditions, and offer significant improvement in life span performance when compared with conventional bearings.

Agitator and high pressure pump and valve parts can be fabricated from PCD, and custom-designed parts can be manufactured to include 3D features and multiple synthetic diamond layer thickness formats.

Our roller cone bit application solutions
Element Six tungsten carbide products include inserts for roller cone bit applications, and carbide grades and shapes are available for the customer’s individual requirements. Learn more about tungsten carbide products.