Research & development facilities

Diamond Research Laboratory, Springs, South Africa
The Diamond Research Laboratory, located in a state-of-the-art facility built in 2001 within the Element Six complex in Springs, South Africa, is comprised of dedicated material processing, characterisation and evaluation laboratories. The successor of the original laboratory founded in 1947, the Diamond Research Laboratory carries out research into synthetic diamond materials produced mainly by high temperature, high pressure processes. The laboratory develops new products and processes for a broad range of industrial applications served by Element Six’s businesses.

Shannon, Ireland
The key to successful innovation in synthetic diamond materials and products is the ability to understand and incorporate the needs of our customers and end users into the process. Element Six highly values the input of its customers and actively pursues collaboration with them in the development of new products. The Market Support Centre in Shannon, Ireland is a fully equipped materials testing and evaluation centre where many applications for synthetic diamond materials can be simulated. It also delivers detailed analysis of tool wear in support of applications troubleshooting and development, plus the evaluation of new products and materials. This provides Element Six applications engineers with the necessary background to support customers in the optimal use of new products, applications and for product development. In addition, a new Advanced Manufacturing Centre has been built in our Shannon site so that we can work directly with customers to develop products on-site.

Burghaun, Germany
Our research facilities located in Burghaun, Germany, concentrate on the development and applications of tungsten carbide and synthetic diamond-enhanced tools, as well as providing technical support for the road planing, mining and wear parts markets.

Ascot, United Kingdom
Our research facility in Ascot in the UK was set up in 1988 to research chemical vapour deposition processes for the production of synthetic diamond. This facility is now established as one of the world’s leading research centres in this field. The capabilities it has developed have played a key role in opening up applications for this material in electronics, medicine and consumer products.