Optical diamonds

Optical diamonds

Polycrystalline CVD diamond can be found in optical applications including high power lasers, spacecraft and fibre optics.

The Element Six range of polycrystalline CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamond windows, lenses and prisms can be found in applications requiring the highest technical standards. Whether it is for high power lasers, spacecraft or fibre optics, the use of synthetic diamond will increase performance and extend the lifetime of the application. Polycrystalline diamond exhibits a number of exceptional properties that make it an outstanding optical material. Its broadband optical transparency, from UV to far infrared and extreme thermal conductivity, combined with hardness, wear resistance and chemical inertness, make polycrystalline diamond a durable solution for demanding applications.

Diafilm OP
Element Six offers a vast range of sizes of optical components. CVD diamond windows have been supplied as large as 135 mm in diameter and with thicknesses of up to 3.0mm.

The properties of our optical CVD diamond make it the material of choice for those looking for transparency over a very wide spectral range (from UV to THz), very high thermal conductivity (>2000Wm-1K-1), chemical inertness and low thermal expansion.

In order to fully benefit from the advantages of Diafilm OP, the processing and mounting of components is a critical factor in the production of these components, as this determines many of the properties and performance characteristics for the application. To meet these requirements Element Six has a team of specialists skilled in processing, mounting and coating optical synthetic diamond components. Element Six can supply partially reflective or anti-reflection coatings on Diafilm OP as required. Mounts can be a simple flange or a custom made design.

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