Coarse synthetic diamond abrasives

The benefits of Element Six coarse synthetic diamond abrasives include the extreme rates of penetration which can be achieved in mining and rock-drilling tools. The particles’ extreme thermal stability caters not only for longer and higher-temperature sintering cycles, but ensures maximum wear resistance, even under the most demanding conditions.

SDB1000 SeriesSDB1000 Series
Element Six offers a suite of coarse synthetic diamond abrasive products for sawing, cutting and polishing applications. The SDB 1000 series is manufactured by a synthesis process that produces bright yellow crystals which have high thermal stability and excellent cosmetic appearance. The synthetic diamond crystals exhibit a cubo-octahedral morphology which results in preferred wear and particle breakdown characteristics.

The SDB1000 series encompasses 1125, 1100, 1085, 1075, 1065, 1055, 1045 and 1025. This graded series of products extends from SDB1125, which is a highly crystalline, highly thermally stable product, to SDB1025, which is a friable, less crystalline product. These products are suitable for a wide range of sawing, drilling and grinding applications in the stone, construction, mining and oil and gas industries.

MaxigritMaxigrit Series
The Element Six Maxigrit series has been developed for very demanding sawing, oil and gas, and mining applications. Maxigrit is a range of thermally stable products available in two grades from medium strength NDG80, to a premium strength NDG120, and each is available in six sizes. The high thermal stability of Maxigrit permits exposure to long sintering cycles and high temperatures.

Coated and clad solutions
Element Six offers a range of coated or clad synthetic diamond abrasives.  

Coated and clad products improve the cost/performance ratio in tools through:

  • Improved particle retention
  • Protection of the synthetic diamond during sintering of the tool
  • Improved heat dissipation for longer tool life

For further information on the coatings and claddings available please download our brochures or contact us