MasterGrade® leads to an improved tool life of up to 50%.

Element Six has been manufacturing road planing picks over 20 years, and commercially introduced MasterGrade® in 2005. MasterGrade® is used by road contractors around the world.

MasterGrade® utilises proprietary nano technology to enhance the cobalt binder matrix of the tungsten carbide inserts used on the road picks, and achieves greater wear resistance and fracture toughness. This superior tungsten carbide grade results in up to 50% tool life improvement and improved job-site productivity.

Changing the tungsten picks less often means both reduced maintenance downtime, operational disruption and lower costs.

Longer term usage of MasterGrade® picks presents the opportunity to improve return on machinery investment.

A proven performer
“When working on the jobsite there are many factors that come into play. Using the MasterGrade® picks from Element Six gives us the confidence that, with their reliability and long life, we will get the job done as efficiently as possible”.
Mr. Vicente Alcaina, President, Iber Samop SA., Spain


A cost effective option
“The last few years have seen some significant hikes in the price of picks due to the increasing cost of tungsten carbide. As the UK’s largest planing company this effects our costs greatly with picks being the largest consumable spend. We need to get the best value from the picks we use and Element Six’s MasterGrade® has proven over the years to be the tool that gives us the best overall value due to the extended life we get from the carbide tip. This means less frequent tool changing for operators, which they like, and in the long run a reduction in the number of picks we need to use”.
Jim Tough, Plant Director, Tripod Crest Ltd