Our innovation team

Our innovation team

At Element Six Group, innovation is part of our DNA

For over 50 years, innovation has been the lifeblood of the Element Six Group.
Working as we do with the boundless possibilities of synthetic diamond supermaterials, innovation is fundamental to our success in creating improved products in existing markets and new products in new applications. It’s this core role for innovation that gives our R&D team the impetus to break new ground and why they will benefit from their new state-of-the-art facilities at their new GIC home.

The sheer scale and scope of the facilities, and the better communication they afford within the team as they all operate in the one building, will lead to even greater opportunities to harness the limitless possibilities of supermaterials.

Our multi-faceted team of researchers will include material scientists, physicists, engineers, chemists and technicians – all hooked on the idea of working with materials that push forward the boundaries of technology. And now they will have the advantage of working on projects from design and development through to manufacture and end application testing, all under the one roof.

There’s R&D and then there’s Element Six R&D

The culture of the GIC team is all about creating solutions that deliver a commercial reality.
The team operate at the sharp end of R&D with a passion and a level of commitment that’s infectious. It’s this understanding that what they deliver can really make a difference that sets the team apart in the extreme world of synthetic diamonds supermaterials.

This melting pot of experiment and inspiration is a challenging but uniquely rewarding work environment. It challenges every individual to stretch themselves in the interest of the team ethic which permeates all aspects of the GIC.

Our R&D team work closely with over 100 like-minded colleagues in addition to forging partnerships with other academic researchers and industry. A collective dedication which has produced a host of commercial successes. From the Queen’s Award for speaker domes to a vital contribution to the legendary Large Hydron Collider, and extreme cutting tools for the aerospace industry. R&D at Element Six is not for the feint hearted. But it is for every scientist, engineer and technician who wants to make a difference.