Roger Nilen, Research Fellow

Roger Nilen, Research Fellow

Roger joined Element Six in 2003 and is currently working at the Global Innovation Centre (GIC) on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.

He has always been attracted by the organisation’s commitment to investing in R&D - in a world where so many people out-source the thinking process to academia or are content to merely replicate applications already in existence.

“It’s our ‘just give it a try’ approach to R&D that sets us apart.”

Roger is one of life’s enthusiasts. Galvanised by the privilege of doing what he does for a living, he cites the thrill of presenting new ideas to like-minded visionaries - people who readily grasp the commercial possibilities as well as the scientific - as a major buzz.

Throughout his time with Element Six, Roger has been continuously excited by the ability of synthetic diamond supermaterials to take technology to a different level across a myriad of applications. The launch of the GIC in 2013 was a natural progression of this process.

“Working with the extreme properties of diamonds opens up all possibilities – and the concentration of R&D talent at the GIC accelerates the process.”

To a restless, enquiring mind like Roger’s, it’s important to receive constant peer group stimulation. He passionately believes Element Six will continue to ask the important questions with the multi-disciplinary team. He sees the increased scale of the R&D operation and its greater scope for working in partnership with top universities and cutting edge industrial customers as being key to attracting new recruits to the team.

Going forward, Roger envisages the GIC will continue to give researchers a platform to push the extreme properties of supermaterials still further and ensure a competitive edge for Element Six and its customers in the years to come.