Siobhan Duffy, Executive Director Innovation

Siobhan Duffy, Executive Director Innovation

Siobhán was appointed to Executive Director, Innovation in July 2014. Prior to her appointment Siobhán held a series of senior management positions within Element Six  - Heading the Oil & Gas business unit, and prior to that being responsible as Business Manager for the Element Six Precision Grinding and Micron unit.

Siobhán has over 25 years’ experience with Element Six, working across the organisation from production, quality control through to business management and innovation. Siobhán possesses a wealth of synthetic diamond experience, supporting customers to develop engineered synthetic diamond material solutions for their given industrial technology applications.

She is highly adaptable with a keen focus on promoting the interest of the Element Six customers and commercial interests of the company in ways that create synergies and build loyalty through the accomplishment of mutually beneficial goals.

The Global Innovation Centre which Siobhán leads is the world’s largest and most sophisticated synthetic diamonds supermaterials R&D centre a fully integrated facility ensuring Innovation activity is in line with business strategy and needs and maximising creative thinking, motivating and retaining outstanding talent.

Having design, development, manufacture and end application testing of prototype products all in one building is in line with the dynamic research culture at Element Six and the ‘get on and do it’ attitude to R&D.