Stephanie Liggins, Senior Research Scientist

Stephanie Liggins, Senior Research Scientist

Stephanie joined Element Six in November 2010 after completing her PhD in the Physics Department at Warwick University and became immediately involved in the R&D which led to the development of the speaker dome used in the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond Series loudspeakers (for which Element Six was given a Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation in the UK).

Not a bad start, as she sagely observes.

“I was attracted by the idea of working with materials with so much scope for innovation and end results with real global impact.”

Having been ‘thrown in the deep end’, Stephanie relished the opportunity to contribute from the onset of her career in R&D. This ability to really get involved and have her work taken seriously was why she joined Element Six.  Things ‘felt right’ and she soon began to thrive in a culture where the team ethic is of paramount importance.

Stephanie noted early on that a flat departmental structure meant there was no evidence of a hierarchy and a ‘them and us’ attitude towards new recruits.

“It’s the freedom and support which I enjoy most – there’s no limit to your ideas at Element Six.”  

The prospect of even closer collaboration at the new GIC with colleagues from a range of scientific disciplines really appeals to Stephanie. As does the idea of following her ideas into the field and taking advantage of Element Six’s international R&D footprint, with academic partnerships worldwide and customers from Houston to Hong Kong.

As Stephanie sees it, being on the team at Element Six has fast-tracked her career way beyond anything she’d envisaged during her university days.