Synthetic diamond to increase ROP, tool life and profitability in Oil & Gas

Synthetic diamond to increase ROP, tool life and profitability in Oil & Gas

Polycrystalline diamond cutter for use in Oil & Gas


Element Six offers a range of materials, products and technical services for the Oil & Gas industry, allowing customers to gain competitive advantage.


Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters

Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter (PDC) inserts deliver high impact resistance and exceptionally low wear rates. They achieve very high Rates of Penetration (ROP) with longer tool life, deeper drilling depth and fewer drill bit changes.





The advantages of using PDC inserts:



  • Rig downtime
  • Number of trips (duration of well construction)
  • Bit inventory and product complexity
  • Service and maintenance time and costs


  • Equipment utilization
  • Drilling and project productivity
  • Contractor profitability
  • Competitiveness and cost per meter

Wear Parts

A range of materials and components for wear parts such as valves, bearings and turbine parts are available from Element Six.

The properties of synthetic diamond for wear parts include:

  • very low friction
  • extreme durability
  • efficient operation in hazardous environments


These properties transform into competitive advantage for customers:

  • extended component life
  • reduced maintenance costs


The extreme properties of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) make it an ideal material for bearings, delivering high performance, extended life and reduced maintenance costs.


PCD Material Properties

* Testing on free standing PCD disk.
** Self-mated PCD, Water lubricated, dynamic.

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