Synthetic Diamonds for use in Road Planing

Synthetic Diamonds for use in Road Planing

Element Six road planing picks offer high impact and wear resistance, as well as outstanding fracture toughness characteristics. Image: Petschl.

Element Six provides a range of extreme performance products and solutions to meet our customers’ road planning requirements, including polycrystalline diamond & tungsten carbide tipped tools.

The range of applications that utilise Element Six road solutions include road planing, grooving, grinding & trenching.

Road planing
As one of the leading producers of road planing and soil stabilisation picks, Element Six tools offer high impact and wear resistance as well as outstanding fracture toughness characteristics for milling asphalt and concrete roads to various depths. Element Six offers a full range of picks available in both standard tungsten carbide grade (RM3-T Series) and MasterGrade® (RM3-M Series). By incorporating nano technology in the tungsten carbide matrix, the wear resistance characteristics of the pick is greatly enhanced. Long-term test results of MasterGrade® picks have shown increased life expectancy of up to 50% when compared to standard picks.

Applications for our road planing picks include the planing / milling of asphalt, concrete and soil stabilisation. In addition to road planing picks, we offer a range of accessories including pick holders, scraper blades, ejectors, drifters and extractors.

Road cutting with synthetic diamond
Element Six offers synthetic diamond tipped road planing tools for road restoration activities, which require the use of synthetic diamond products to optimise performance.

Due to the disruptive nature of road planning to traffic flows, cutting speed is usually the most important factor in choosing equipment and the overwhelming strength and wear resistance properties of Element Six synthetic diamond solutions offer differentiated performance versus alternative material technologies.