Synthetic Diamond for use in high power laser optics

Element Six’s CVD diamond CO₂ laser windows significantly outperform zinc selenide windows

  • CVD diamond optics dramatically increase component lifetime - diamond is the only material that enables powers above 5 kW
  • Higher thermal conductivity means that, unlike ZnSe windows, CVD diamond windows do not suffer from thermal lensing in high power operation, maintaining excellent beam quality
  • Much higher laser power densities than zinc selenide windows – delivering faster cutting and welding results

CVD diamond CO₂ laser windows will last as long as the laser

  • No replacement is necessary  - zinc selenide windows and other window materials need to be replaced regularly under high load
  • Reduces machine down time - no maintenance engineer is required to monitor and replace windows

High Power Laser Optics


No coating required

  • Our latest innovation, Diamond PureOptics, eliminates the need for thin film AR coatings - dramatically increasing LIDT.  Read more here

Low loss optics for inside the cavity

Higher power at multiple wavelengths

Element Six CVD diamond is widely used in high power laser optics at many wavelengths.  We have a range of polycrystalline and single crystal materials to best solve your application challenges.


Products we supply are used in;

  • Output couplers and Exit windows
  • Beam delivery systems, including beam splitters and Brewster windows

  • Disc Lasers
  • Raman lasers

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