Low absorption grade single crystal diamond

Element Six’s low absorption CVD diamond enables lasers to operate at higher powers over a wider range of wavelengths


  • Low absorption single crystal has an absorption coefficient less than 0.005 cm @ 1064 nm - more than an order of magnitude lower than our standard grade 
  • Can be combined with our low birefringence manufacturing techniques for select crystal orientations


University of Strathclyde: A monolithic diamond raman laser using our Low Absorption Single Crystal diamond converts green light to yellow


Key application areas:


Raman lasers - Learn more here

  • High conversion efficiency with quantum efficiencies approaching 100%
  • Large wavelength shifts (1332/cm)
  • Diffraction limited output with brightness / quality improvement for poor quality or multiplexed beams


Intra-cavity cooling for semiconducting VECSEL and disc lasers - Learn more here

  • Enables exceptional thermal management (20x) over existing solutions inside the laser cavity due to its thermal conductivity >2000 W m-1 K-1 
  • Exceptional chemical and mechanical robustness


High power optics - Learn more here

  • Exploiting diamond's superlative Laser Induced Damage Threshold - up to 10x the LIDT of existing solutions for high reliability optics



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