CVD diamond lenses and mounted components

Our CVD diamond can be processed into virtually any shape to make diamond lenses, windows or prisms.  For ease of integration and in order to get the best performance out of your system we can supply the components with standard or custom mounts.


Our exceptional processing expertise include:


Diamond windows, including Brewster windows

  • Parallelism possible to 0.33 micron / mm 

ATR (attenuated total reflection) prisms

  • Precision polished to Ra  below 1 nm
  • Surface  flatness to better than 2 fringes (633 nm)
  • Rectangular and conical prisms

Mounted diamond ATR prisms in holders or probes

  • Diamond mount materials including molybdenum, tungsten carbide and stainless steel
  • Brazed joints for optimal stability and lifetime

Diamond lenses

  • Solid immersion lenses (SILs) and Hemispherical lenses


CVD diamond lenses


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