Synthetic Diamonds for use in Metal Machining and Processing

Synthetic Diamonds for use in Metal Machining and Processing

Element Six solutions enable uniform wear over the entire length of the metalworking tool and excellent thermal stability.

Element Six provides a range of extreme performance products and solutions to meet our customers’ metal machining and processing requirements, including single crystal synthetic diamond, polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide products. Our products offer solutions across the range of metalworking tools and dresser applications, and their advantages variously include their ease of use in tool making, uniform wear, excellent thermal stability, choice of orientations (for single crystal synthetic diamond solutions) and that materials can be custom-engineered.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)
PCD is the first choice tooling material for non-ferrous abrasive metalwork materials, such as aluminium silicon alloys and metal-matrix composites. Providing the ultimate wear resistance, PCD ensures unparalleled part quality over long production runs and minimises machine down-time.

Element Six offers the widest range of PCD grade, catering for applications where the primary requirement is abrasion resistance, to applications where edge toughness is paramount. Learn more about polycrystalline diamond.

Single crystal synthetic diamond solutions
Element Six single crystal synthetic diamond solutions are developed for wheel dressing and metalworking tool applications and give the toolmaker greater options for their tooling solutions. The overall benefits offered by single crystal synthetic diamond include high abrasion resistance for all types of dressing and cutting applications, high purity, high thermal conductivity and good thermal stability.

We offer world class large single crystal synthetic diamond plates for the ultra-precision machining of metals, polymers and optical materials. Our portfolio of high-pressure synthesised and CVD-synthesised sizes minimise processing times and provide greater consistency compared to natural diamond. The advantages of single crystal synthetic diamond plates for tool making include ease-of-use, uniform wear, choice of 2pt and 4pt orientations, excellent thermal stability and materials which can be engineered to specified dimensions. Learn more about single crystal synthetic diamond. Buy Element Six single crystal synthetic diamond products.

Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN)
Element Six polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) composites are used for the production of precision cutting tools for machining ferrous materials such as hard steels, grey and hard cast irons and high-temperature superalloys. Different grades of PCBN are offered to meet specific application requirements. Low-CBN materials are most commonly used for the finishing of hardened steel components in the automotive industry, and superalloys for land and air turbine engine components. High-CBN materials are used for rough and finish machining of cast irons, and for extremely abrasive powder metallurgy parts, such as automotive valve seats. Element Six PureCut PCBN offers the next generation of PCBN performance to transform productivity in hard turning and finish hard milling. Learn more about polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN).  Learn more about PureCut.

Tungsten carbide products
We offer a comprehensive range of burr blanks for metal machining and processing applications in a large variety of grades and sizes, with custom options available on request.  Learn more about tungsten carbide products.