Electrochemical cells for on site wastewater treatment


Element Six designs and builds electrochemical cells incorporating Diafilm EP solid boron doped diamond (BDD) electrodes for use in Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process (EAOP) systems to treat variable types of low to medium volume, highly contaminated industrial effluent streams. 






A simple, effective and reliable solution

  • Convenient, compact and simple to operate
  • Capable of full mineralisation of dissolved organic compounds
  • A 20 electrode bipolar electrochemical cell
  • Oxidation capacity 2 kg COD h-1
  • Fully characterised electrochemical oxidation performance
  • Proven design for Element Six Electrochemical Processing grade electrodes
  • Total Cell resistance < 1.4 Ohm
  • Rated for 375 Amps operation
  • CPVC 4 inch Van Stone flange connections
  • Recirculation flow rate up to 50 m3h-1
  • Modular design that is scalable for effluent streams upwards of <0.5m3


Ready for implementation

Diamox cells provide engineers of wastewater treatment systems with:

  • A scalable, packaged product ready for implementation
  • A proven solution that can be integrated with a wide range of effluent treatment technology


New solution for multiple industries

Diamox enables efficient on site EAOP water treatment technology to offer end users:

  • A convenient and simple system to use
  • An environmentally sustainable technology that requires no chemical additions
  • Reduced risk associated with hazardous chemicals or disposal of toxic waste
  • Results that allow reuse or direct discharge of wastewater


Diamox can be scaled to the required size in low to medium volume wastewater treatment systems for use across a wide range of industries:

  • Downstream oil and gas refining
  • Textile wastewater
  • Pharmaceutical wastewater
  • Landfill leachate
  • Industrial chemicals wastewater
  • Environmental wastewater management


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