Diamond Wear Parts for Resistance

Diamond Wear Parts for Resistance

Element Six has a full portfolio of solutions to resist the varying operative mechanisms in a wear parts environment.

Element Six provides a range of products that deliver extreme performance to meet our customers’ diamond wear parts requirements.

Chemical and powder processing
Element Six offers a diverse range of material solutions which can be tailored to meet the application requirements of the powder processing and chemical industries.

Extreme performance materials offer exceptional diamond wear resistance, reducing plant downtime and increasing service intervals. Our synthetic diamond-based materials and tungsten carbide products offer excellent opportunities for improved productivity and reduced costs across a range of chemical and powder processing applications, such as atomisers, spray drying, centrifuge separation, pump metering and flow control applications.

Tool protection
Element Six has developed fabrication and processing technologies which enable us to manufacture and integrate bespoke diamond wear solutions from our range of superhard materials. This capability is essential to achieve both technical and commercially viable solutions for a diverse range of tool protection applications, including centreless blades, journal holders, V blocks, work rest shoes and fixed lathe centres.

Element Six recognises the increasing demands placed on bearing systems to deliver extreme performance. The materials manufactured by Element Six, and enabled by our advanced materials processing, are ideally positioned to deliver the performance required by modern bearing systems across a variety of applications, including subterranean steerable motors, renewable energy technology and subsea drive systems.

Premium bearing assemblies are required to carry high loads, operate with low interfacial friction and often operate at relatively high temperatures and variable load regimes. These bearing environments place extreme demands on the bearing materials, and are therefore best served by extreme performance supermaterials such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN).

Diamond Wear parts materials
Our wear parts are designed to resist the operative mechanisms in a wear parts environment and are available in two main classes of material:

•   Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)
•   Tungsten carbide

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wear parts solutions
Element Six polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wear part solutions utilise synthetic diamond’s inherent extreme hardness and exceptionally low coefficient of friction. In combination with its strength, toughness and ease of processing, PCD is the ultimate wear part material.

PCD’s low friction and extreme thermal conductivity is exploited in PCD bearings and pump and turbine parts used for oil and gas drilling equipment.

PCD’s extreme wear resistance gives extended tool life to the PCD wear pads used on high precision metal reaming tools and work-rest blades on centreless grinding machines.

The processability of PCD, together with its extreme strength, toughness and wear resistance, is utilised in the scribing of glass for flat panel displays used for TV and mobile phones, as well as glass in solar panels and the automotive industry.

Tungsten carbide wear parts solutions
Element Six offers a complete range of tungsten carbide materials, in the form of powders, fixtures, tools and jigs to prevent premature wear on structural components. Applications and industries for Element Six tungsten carbide wear part products include: mineral processing industries, surface and sand blasting technology, brick and roof tile industry, pump, valve and bearing parts for the oil and gas industry, wear parts for the textile and paper industry, carbide manufacturing and synthetic diamond manufacturing.

In addition, we provide customised individual solutions to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications and industries.