ABN900: Electroplated diamond tools

ABN900: Electroplated diamond tools

Element Six ABN900 tests show the potential for up to 55% longer tool life.

ABN900 is a new high-performance grinding product for electroplated application. It is designed to remove material faster, reduce grinding forces and to prolong tool life.

The particles in ABN900 have a high degree of strength, uniformity and a consistent blocky shape providing electroplated diamond tool manufacturers with precision and durability in electroplated cubic boron nitride (CBN) applications.

Meeting technical and business needs
ABN900 provides the potential to produce precision electroplated diamond grinding tools to tight tolerance, on complex shapes for grinding ferrous metals and superalloys. Extended tool life means that customers can produce electroplated diamond tools with longer intervals between wheel changes, reducing downtime and costs. Reduced grinding forces allow cooler cutting and limit damage to metallurgical parts. This improved performance and reduction in costs gives your customers the advanced electroplated tools they need to compete in the high value aerospace and automotive industries.

For more information on ABN900, please view our product video below: