PureCut: The next generation of PCBN performance

PureCut: The next generation of PCBN performance

Our PureCut™ technology is a genuinely new approach to PCBN design that transforms productivity in hard turning and finish hard milling with

  • Higher speed machining
  • More predictable wear rates
  • Up to 50% longer tool life in hardened steel machining



Three design differences

  • An ultra-pure, impurity free binder – for a slower, more predictable wear rate
  • A nano particle size binder – for increased toughness
  • An optimised CBN grain size distribution – for increased impact resistance
  • Its strength and reliability enables a wider application space window, with or without coatings, with no compromise required between toughness and crater wear.

Key advantages

  • Predictable tool performance
  • More finished components/hour
  • Wider application window
  • Improved tool economics
  • Available formats

DHA650 is designed for moderate to highly interrupted machining

DIA500 is best suited to light to moderately interrupted machining

Available as standard segments for brazing and in our solid PCBN insert formats, with the latter offering significant advantages in terms of reduced cost and complexity.