Electrochemical boron doped diamond

Electrochemical boron doped diamond

Robust High Purity Solid BDD Electrodes

The impressive material properties of Element Six free standing polycrystalline boron doped diamond (BDD)  make it the material of choice for the most challenging electrochemical processes and environments. It is an electrically conductivity diamond and has a high oxidation potential making it suitable for a wide range of diamond electrochemistry applications.


Boron Doped Diamond

Diafilm EP is a high purity, solid, free-standing boron doped diamond electrode (BDD) material, for electrochemical processing applications that is unique to Element Six. This robust electrode material is able to generate the hydroxyl radical at the surface that oxidises dissolved organic contaminants, effectively treating effluent waste streams that are difficult or impossible to treat by other means.


Extreme Dimensional Stability

Diafilm EP outperforms all other electode materials, including other types of thin film BDD coatings, since it is a purer grade of synthetic diamond and does not have a substrate to delaminate from. 


  • Longer electrode life: > 5 years
  • Lower processing costs per electrode
  • Increased system reliability
  • Very high current densities operation > 20,000 A/m2
  • Extremely high resistance to fouling and erosion in all conditions


Diafilm EP is enabing effective on site Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Process (EAOP) waste water treatment systems to provide an environmentally sustainable solution in the treatment of toxic and harmful industrial contaminates.


Element Six provides packaged electrochemical cells containing Diafilm EP electrodes for easy implementation - read more on our Diamox page 


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