Infra-red application diamonds

Infra-red application diamonds

Element Six Diafilm IR has been engineered for infrared and high vacuum applications.

Diafilm IR

Element Six Diafilm IR has been engineered for use in infrared and high vacuum applications, where special attention has to be paid to the mounting of larger windows, in order to overcome the risk of breakage. In order to give our customers the best possible solution, this material can be obtained in sizes going up to Ø135mm and thicknesses up to 3mm.

The optimal transmission of this material is in the near-infrared region and extends all the way into the terahertz region (1µm-10mm). There is also transmittance in the visible region which can be used for alignment purposes. Other important parameters for such applications are thermal conductivity (>1800Wm-1K-1), strength (800MPa on nucleation side) and chemical inertness.

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