HPHT large single crystal synthetic diamond

HPHT large single crystal synthetic diamond

Mono series products are used for cutting tools, wheel dressing, speciality knives, burnishing tools, wear parts and wire drawing dies.

The Element Six single crystal Mono Series range consists of a range of products, all of which are derived from industry-leading single crystal synthetic diamond. They are synthesised by HPHT (high pressure high temperature synthesis) under tightly controlled growth conditions and are subject to a rigorous quality control process with regard to dimensions and physical characteristics. Mono Series products are used for cutting tools for non-ferrous and non-metallic materials, dressers for wheel dressing, a variety of speciality knives, burnishing tools, wear parts, and wire drawing dies. The product range offers a wide choice of geometries, edge lengths and cross-sectional areas to give the synthetic diamond tool and die maker unprecedented options and the opportunity to manufacture tools for a broad range of applications. Our comprehensive quality assurance programme ensures that all our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. For more information, please view our Single crystal synthetic diamond solutions brochure.

Our extensive range of type Ib plate HPHT single crystal products include the following:

Cutting tools 
Our range of rectangles and triangles are produced by further processing whole stones and have all faces cut to size. Whole stones and plates are oriented on the crystallographic {100} and {110} planes of synthetic diamond. 

Dressing tools
We offer a full range of logs and macle products to suit a wide range of dressing tool types, i.e. single point, blade, rotary and roller dressers, as well as special cutting tools and indentors. Our logs are made by further processing whole stones and have all faces cut to size. Logs and macles are oriented on the crystallographic {100} and {111} planes respectively. 

Wire drawing dies
We supply a range of wire drawing die blank product from the mono single crystal synthetic diamond range. For applications of drawing non-ferrous, ferrous, precious and refractory materials which require ultra-fine finishes, synthetic diamond is the preferred wire drawing material. The die blanks are orientated on the crystallographic {111} plane of synthetic diamond. 

Single crystal type Ib plates
High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) process single crystal synthetic diamond plates are used for cutting tools, academic and research use.

For special applications, high pressure high temperature (HPHT) material can also be grown as IIa material, with much lower levels of impurities such as nitrogen. One such application is its use as a monochromator.

Synthetic diamond optics for monochromator – HPHT IIa synthetic diamond plates
Large 3rd and 4th generation light sources (synchrotrons and free electron lasers) are super-microscopes employing electron beams of very high energy, high brilliance and/or very high pulsating density, to study the structure of materials ranging from novel nano-structures to bio-molecules and giant zeolites. Beamlines with very bright X-ray beams demand optical windows and a range of other components such as beam splitters, phase plates, monochromator plates, undulators and filters that can dissipate heat very quickly and remain undamaged and undistorted by the intensity of the beam.

Due to its superior thermal, optical and mechanical properties and its high resilience, synthetic diamond is preferred to other crystalline materials for such demanding tasks. Type-IIa HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) diamond produced by Element Six is considered to be the ultimate synthetic diamond material for synchrotron optics, due to its high thermal conductivity, and to the low levels of crystal structure defects and impurities which can otherwise distort the lattice.

The raw HPHT stones are cut into large plates of {100}, {110} and {111} crystallographic orientation and polished to a high specification.

We presently produce plates of different sizes and thicknesses delivering unparalleled performance, which contain relatively large sectors substantially free of dislocations and stacking faults.