PCD picks for road planing

Introducing the new Element Six extreme performance D PowerTM Road Pick - exceeding 40 times the life of standard road picks.

The new D PowerTM Road Pick utilises a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tip that combines sufficient toughness with extremely high wear resistance.

These characteristics are attained in part by high-pressure, high-temperature synthesis. Both Element Six’s extensive laboratory tests and onsite experience confirm that when the properties of PCD are combined with optimal pick design, an operating life many times greater than standard picks is achieved.

Achieving over 40 times the life of standard road picks is a dramatic extension of the pick life. The competitive advantages that Element Six’s worldwide* customers can benefit from include:

Delivering a better surface finish
Over the life of the D PowerTM Road Pick, minimal wear is observed on the PCD tip. This ensures that the picks are operating at peak effectiveness for the duration of their operational life. The result produces a consistent cleaner cut with a smoother surface texture.

Reduced overall milling time
By reducing the number of time-consuming stoppages for spotting (checking) and changing picks, milling time can be cut significantly. Since this is one of the major components in the road refurbishment process, D PowerTM Road Pick reduces project duration enabling companies to meet contract deadlines, grow business and increase their return on investment in capital equipment.

Improved tender competitiveness
With D PowerTM Road Picks, costs come down and projects can be completed more quickly. This also provides some vital leeway for contractors in avoiding penalties for missing deadlines and winning bonuses for timely completion.

Fuel efficiency enhanced
With a PCD insert that retains its shape, the D PowerTM Road Picks require less penetration force and therefore less energy to function effectively. As fuel costs comprise a substantial part of the project costs, reducing the amount of fuel consumed helps to keep project costs competitive.

Reduced wear on capital equipment
Vibration is the enemy of drive shafts, bearings, seals and mounting bolts. Using D PowerTM Road Picks will help reduce vibration which in turn will lessen the damage. This will result in fewer breakdowns, repairs and increased utilisation throughout the working life of milling machines, ultimately impacting positively on the balance sheets.

Improved working conditions
With Element Six D Power Road Picks, the time-consuming task of replacing picks in cramped conditions is greatly reduced. Picks that retain their shape reduce vibration developing in road planing machines – all contributing to a better working environment for machine operators.

Minimised environmental impact
Road planers equipped with D PowerTM Road Picks spend less time on-site, hence reducing the level of disruption that road works can cause and overall fuel consumption. Coupled with the recyclability of D PowerTM Road Picks, lower inventory to manage and overall usage of raw materials such as tungsten carbide and steel, using D PowerTM Road Picks enables road planers to minimise their impact on the environment.

D PowerTM in the US

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