Fine synthetic diamond abrasives

The benefits of Element Six fine synthetic diamond abrasives include the levels of productivity and world class workpiece qualities that can be achieved from the use of highly consistently engineered abrasive tools. The ability to select and synthesise particles of precisely controlled size, strength and morphology enables the production of the highest quality tools for the most demanding industrial applications.

Micron+Micron+ synthetic diamond and CBN powders
Element Six provides a complete range of micron powders in synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). As the leading producer of saw- and wheel-size synthetic diamond and CBN abrasives, Element Six exercises complete control over the source materials from which Micron+ products are manufactured.

With more than fifty years' experience in developing and producing precision graded micron powders, Element Six has developed proprietary manufacturing methods and uncompromising quality control procedures, guaranteeing that all Micron+ products meet or exceed industry customer-specific standards.

The main applications for Element Six Micron+ products include finish grinding, lapping and precision polishing operations across the optics, electronics and automotive industries.

Synthesised Micron
The latest addition to the Micron family of products is Synthesised Micron. 

Element Six has developed its own proprietary process to grow synthesised diamonds in micron sizes. As no crushing process is required, synthesised micron products are produced both to the required size and to a uniform and crystalline shape. This reduces the risk of shape variations which could lead to unpredictable behaviour in the application and cause damage during finish grinding, lapping and precision polishing operations. 

Synthesised Micron enables up to 50% higher levels of grinding and cutting performance, and ultimately provide up to 50% longer tool life

PremaDiaPremaDia - wheel-size synthetic diamond abrasive
The Element Six PremaDia range encompasses synthetic diamond wheel grit products specifically developed for applications in metal, electroplated, resin and vitrified bond tools. The product range extends from PDA999+, which is a high strength crystalline abrasive suitable for demanding applications and high production rates, to the micro-chipping PDA211 suitable for grinding cermets.

Coated and clad solutions
Element Six offers a range of coated or clad synthetic diamond abrasives.  

Coated and clad products improve the cost/performance ratio in tools through:

  • Improved particle retention
  • Protection of the synthetic diamond during sintering of the tool
  • Improved heat dissipation for longer tool life

For further information on the coatings and claddings available please download our brochures or contact us