Transforming Thermal Management: CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders

Highest room temperature thermal conductivity of any material

CVD diamond’s thermal management properties address today’s single biggest cause of failure in electronics – heat.

  • Outperforms copper, silicon carbide and aluminum: by factors of 3-10
  • Heat spreaders with thermal conductivity levels from: 700-2000 W/mk.



Our expertise ensures ease of customer implementation

Using over 25 years of experience, Element Six helps customers integrate its free standing diamond heat spreaders into their modules and systems.

  • Range of thicknesses available: up to 3mm thick
  • Very flat and low roughness ensuring ease of attachment and minimized thermal interface resistances
  • Free-standing diamond available in large areas up to 140mm in diameter that can be laser cut to any required size
  • Metallization solutions enabling die bonding with low thermal barrier resistance, consistent with industry standard soldering and brazing
  • Electrically conductive ETC700 grade available, with or without metallization - for exceptional heat dissipation without impeding electrical performance

Extended device lifetimes for a given power level and increased performance and efficiency

Element Six’s CVD diamond heat spreaders enable the next generation of;

  • High Power RF Devices
  • Optoelectronics Devices
  • High-Voltage Power Devices
  • Semiconductor Assembly & Test Equipment.

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