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For the Consumer Electronics industry, technological step changes like 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) require complex materials that are hard to machine. Our PCD grades, grits and powders deliver a high-quality, precision finish to metals, ceramics and brittle materials alike.

The evolution and adoption of new technologies put pressure on consumer electronics companies, and the toolmakers that support them. New 5G wireless technology, augmented and virtual reality, and Internet of Things devices rely on new materials that are stronger and more difficult to machine.

The consumer electronics industry – particularly smartphones and wearables manufacturers – requires tooling that can consistently deliver a high-quality, precision finish to metals and ceramics. 

Element Six provides synthetic diamond supermaterials that empower toolmakers and manufacturers to create new designs and machine metal, glass and ceramics, including zirconia. Our polycrystalline diamond (PCD) range provides the quality and reliability expected by consumer electronics industry leaders. Our world-class manufacturing capabilities provide us with flexibility to support the peak demands during ramp-up periods prior to product launches.

Element Six supports its consumer electronics materials offering with market-leading application expertise. From machining conditions and parameters, to tool and materials selection, we offer valuable insights that help toolmakers optimise performance. 

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Taking consumer electronics forward


Element Six offers a broad selection of PCD grades, synthetic diamond grits and powders to ensure all consumer electronics applications are catered for.

Whatever machining challenges you face, we can ensure your tools are ready to meet them.

A range of grits, powders and grades

High wear and abrasion resistance

Toughened materials are increasingly used in electronics, but these can often be challenging to machine to a high standard.

Element Six diamond enables the processing of increasingly tough glass with tools that offer high wear and abrasion resistance.  Our proprietary diamond micron and powders also allow for easier, improved diamond wire saw efficiency and facilitate more predictable slicing of sapphire and silicone ingots for photovoltaic and semiconductor fabrication.

Consumer Electronics

Close, collaborative business relationships

When working with new materials or processes, it is important to understand what solutions will best suit different workpieces.

We offer extensive applications and industry expertise alongside our products, ensuring our customers get the very best performance from materials and tools.

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