Industrial wastewaters that contain hazardous, inhibitory and/or bio-refractory chemicals, are potentially toxic for biological treatment and considered difficult to treat. The problematic components in such wastewaters can be recalcitrant dissolved pollutants and include: active pharmaceutical ingredients, complex and halogenated organics, reduced sulfur species, and nitrogen-containing compounds. Standard biological wastewater treatment technologies simply cannot effectively treat these compounds.

Element Six's boron doped diamond (BDD) is the ideal material for electrochemical advanced oxidation processes, which destroy bio-refractory chemicals and recalcitrant organic pollutants in the industrial wastewater, mineralising them to CO2 and H2 using electrons (e-) provided by electrical current.

During WEFTEC 2020, this year a virtual event, scientists from our team will be available to discuss how the properties of our boron doped diamond electrodes deliver an effective, reliable and economical solution that is capable of tackling even the toughest of wastewaters.

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Perfecting a technology that transforms wastewater treatment

Learn more about advanced oxidation processes and the key role played by Element Six’s Diamox™ diamond electrode cells, which use proprietary solid boron doped diamond (BDD) to give small to medium volume wastewater treatment systems a transformative increase in efficiency and capability.

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