Monday, June 10, 2019

Dear Friends,

2019 is a momentous year for Element Six.

This year we are celebrating 60 years of synthetic diamond innovation, 30 years of selling our engineered CVD diamond, and 15 years since the launch of our CVD single crystal range.

Every day we are honoured to work with customers to help us push the boundaries of capabilities and continuously improve the quality of our products. Our success comes from developing strong collaborative relationships, and that understanding enables us to focus on delivering synthetic diamond solutions that meet any specific needs.

This month we launched DIAFILM TM220, the world’s first diamond thermal material engineered to offer industrial users thermal conductivity in excess of 2200 W/mK. This innovative solution was launched at the International Microwave Symposium in Boston and we expect it to become a key enabler for the development of very high power density thermal management systems.
In other news, our Head of Thermal Applications, Dr Firooz Faili hosted a presentation in March at the 35th Semi-Therm symposium around the use of layered diamond to manage temperature in high power density ASICs. Results show that for size and cooling limited applications, CVD diamond heat spreaders offer a significant performance enhancement.

Beyond its exceptional thermal conductivity, synthetic diamond’s other properties continue to open up new application areas. One of them is quantum. Thanks to its ground-breaking use in MASERs, our quantum single crystal was selected as a finalist in the optical device category for the Laser World of Photonics Innovation Award. To discover this and other innovative applications, visit us in Hall B1, Booth 571 at Laser World of Photonics in Munich.

The development of quantum grades of diamond continues with Senior Research Scientist, Dr Andrew Edmonds who talked about the development of enhanced materials for magnetometry at the recent Quantum Sensing Gordon Research Conference in Hong Kong.

Best Wishes,
Daniel Twitchen
Sales Director CVD



Highlights from the last four months:


We are honoured to inspire the next gene-ration of engineers and scientists by intro-ducing them to the perfectly imperfect science of diamond.

Scientists from our Global Innovation Centre have pulled together to engage with local schools and organisations to share our enthusiasm with young minds.


Are you an engineer working in areas such as high power optics and water treatment?

Or just a field enthusiast interested in an education read?

Then download our free resource describing a range of properties and applications of synthetic diamond.

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