Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

As we begin to head towards the end of the year, we hope you’ve had a productive summer. We’ve recently returned from introducing our water treatment technology, Diamox™, at the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference in New Orleans and we’re now looking forward to a busy last quarter. 

This year, our long-standing customer Bowers & Wilkins celebrate their 50 year anniversary by releasing the latest in their flagship diamond range of speakers, the 800 D3.  By their own admission, it’s the best performing loudspeaker they have ever manufactured — and we’re happy that our partnership and award winning technology continues to be at the heart of their innovation.

In this newsletter we explore the diverse applications of single crystal diamond that exploit its exceptional properties to touch our lives in ways most are unaware of. Single crystal diamond creates the high quality mirror finish on your smartphone, is used to produce the 170 miles of copper wiring in the airplane that takes you on holiday and is also enabling new higher power lasers used in car manufacture. It is even used in the quality control of food and pharmaceutical manufacture. 

Read on for more information on the possibilities of this remarkable material!

Best Wishes,

Daniel Twitchen
Head of CVD Business Development

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