Shareholder Structure


Find out about our two major shareholders, the De Beers Group and Umicore.

Our Shareholder Structure

Element Six is made up of two businesses:

  1. Technologies: 100% owned by the De Beers Group
  2. Abrasives: 60% owned by the De Beers Group and 40% owned by Umicore

De Beers Group

De Beers Group is a member of the Anglo American plc group. Established in 1888, the De Beers Group is the world’s leading diamond company with expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds. Together with its joint venture partners, the De Beers Group employs more than 20,000 people across the diamond pipeline and is the world’s largest diamond producer by value, with mining operations in Botswana, Canada, Namibia, and South Africa. As part of the company’s operating philosophy, the people of the De Beers Group are committed to ‘Building Forever’ by making a lasting contribution to the communities in which they live and work, and transforming natural resources into shared national wealth. For further information about the De Beers Group, visit


Umicore is a global materials technology group focused on materials science, chemistry, and metallurgy. Its activities are centred on four business areas:

  1. Catalysis
  2. Energy materials
  3. Performance materials
  4. Recycling

Umicore is dedicated to clean technologies like emission control catalysts, materials for rechargeable batteries, photovoltaics, fuel cells, and recycling. Umicore has industrial operations on all continents. It generated a turnover of €11.94 billion in 2017 and currently employs approximately 9,769 people.*


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