Friday, February 17, 2023

Statement from Element Six following IIa Technologies’ appeal regarding CVD synthetic diamond patent

Element Six notes the ruling of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Singapore in favour of IIa Technologies’ appeal against the prior finding that an Element Six patent for the production of CVD synthetic diamond (Singapore patent number 115872) was valid.

Element Six holds several patents in many other jurisdictions around the world and the appeal decision represents a very surprising outcome in light of the findings from the initial litigation and Element Six’s well established international patent portfolio in this field. Element Six notes that the decision is specific to Singapore and does not apply in other jurisdictions in which it holds similar patents.  

Element Six has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over more than 70 years to become a leading producer of synthetic diamonds, developing new material to tackle some of science and industry’s most intractable challenges. Any use of Element Six patents without its consent negatively impacts its ability to get a full return from its investment and undermines its ability to carry out further important research and development. Element Six will therefore continue to be vigilant for potential cases of IP infringement and will defend its rights vigorously.


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About Element Six
Element Six, part of the De Beers Group, designs, develops and produces synthetic diamond and tungsten carbide advanced material solutions, and operates worldwide with manufacturing facilities in the UK, US, Germany, Ireland, and South Africa.

Element Six uses the extreme properties of synthetic diamond to open up new possibilities in areas such as quantum optics, acoustics, power transmission, water treatment, thermal management and sensors.

Element Six supermaterials solutions are used in a wide range of applications across multiple industries, including manufacturing in the Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries, cutting and drilling in the Oil & Gas industry, and in components for Mining, Road & Wear applications.

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