Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Element Six announces new state-of-the-art, fully automated line for manufacturing road milling bits

Image: Brazing of multiple bits at once

15 March 2022 - Element Six (E6), part of the De Beers Group, has announced the introduction of a new, state-of-the-art, fully automated line for road milling bit manufacturing, expected to be in service in the second quarter of 2022.

The multi-million-dollar investment will significantly expand E6’s capacity for the manufacture of wear-resistant tungsten carbide tools and enable the company to service its customers more efficiently thanks to faster production speeds at its Burghaun, Germany, facility. More integrated control steps will also lead to an improvement in E6’s high-tech product quality, while the line will also create greater flexibility due to the ability to address the manufacture of E6’s entire road milling range. Developed with expert collaboration, the line will automate the production of carbide tools.

For decades E6 has been supplying the market with high-quality road milling bits, used in a range of diverse and bespoke applications, including agriculture and forestry machinery, mineral processing and metal forming solutions. E6 bits, and the MasterGrade™ range in particular, are recognised worldwide for their premium quality and performance, providing customers with a reliable long-term solution that reduces total cost of operation and contributes to improved safety.

Markus Bening, Sales Director for Road, Mining and Wear at E6, said: “Thanks to over 70 years of expertise and proprietary technology, E6 is a global market leader in the industry and the manufacture and supply of road milling bits represent an important component of the company’s future strategy.”

“Innovation has always been at the heart of E6’s success and this move will strengthen the company’s already established position in the market. The line will increase flexibility and supply capacity while, crucially, delivering competitive advantage to new and existing customers on a global scale.”

Media enquiries

All media enquiries and requests to speak to an Element Six spokesperson should be directed to e6@speedcomms.com.


About Element Six

Element Six, part of the De Beers Group, is a world-leader in the design, development and production of synthetic diamond and tungsten carbide supermaterials.The company operates worldwide with primary manufacturing facilities in Germany, Ireland, South Africa, the UK and US.

Element Six supermaterials solutions are used in a wide range of applications across multiple industries, including manufacturing in the Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries, cutting and drilling in the Oil & Gas industry, and in components for Mining, Road & Wear applications.

Leveraging the extreme properties of synthetic diamond, Element Six is enabling new technology in areas such as quantum optics, acoustics, power transmission, water treatment, thermal management and sensors.

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