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Pressure on productivity in the automotive sector is accelerating, while new technologies and materials in both automotive and aerospace are demanding new solutions. Our diamond and CBN powders, PCD and PCBN solutions offer new levels of precision and efficiency.

New technologies and machining solutions are transforming the way vehicles and aircraft are built.

Automotive and aerospace manufacturers – and their toolmakers – need innovative products that can effectively machine the components of today and tomorrow.

Element Six collaborates closely with toolmakers and manufacturers to provide supermaterials that transform automotive and aerospace machining.

With end-to-end synthetic diamond, CBN and tungsten carbide manufacturing capabilities; we control the entire development process to ensure you consistently get the highest quality materials. Combined with our extensive application know-how, our solutions are uniquely designed to overcome your machining challenges.

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Find out the specific details of the performance of our supermaterials and how they apply to your industry:

Transforming machining processes

Enhanced machining capabilities

With our unique supermaterials, you can machine faster, for longer, with more predictable tool wear rates.

Our PureCut™ technology enhances polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN), delivering up to 50% longer tool life in hardened steel machining applications.

Auto Aero Drilling

Machine all geometries

Machining new materials like CFRP composites demands a new kind of tool.

Our Aero-Dianamics™ range of polycrystalline diamond round tool blanks help tool designers achieve previously impossible geometries that precisely match customers’ aerospace machining challenges.

Auto Aero Milling

Tailored solutions for your application

Different automotive and aerospace applications demand very different tools.

We offer extensive consultancy to ensure our customers get exactly the right solutions across milling, turning, drilling, grinding and finishing operations.

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