Our synthetic diamond, CBN powders and grits offer new levels of efficiency. Our innovative technical capabilities and collaborative approach enable us to deliver solutions that meet the challenging requirements of our customers.

Drawing on over fifty years of experience and with access to the world’s most sophisticated R&D facility, we have optimised our manufacturing processes to develop a portfolio of grits solutions that can be consistently produced to meet even the tightest specifications. Our stringent quality control ensures we deliver highly consistent, superior quality, innovative solutions to provide customers with enhanced performance in their application area.

When micron-sized grit particles hit hardened steel at over 400km/h for more than 100 times per second, you need to ensure you have selected the right solution.

Whether you are grinding a crankshaft in automotive, cutting reinforced concrete or polishing a precision semiconductor wafer for consumer electronics, Element Six can provide the technical expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance, innovative grit products to tackle even the most challenging applications with superior and consistent results.

As part of its large crystal range, Element Six also offers super-finishing solutions for cutting tools, wire drawing dies and grinding wheel dressers in a range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, renewable and medical industries, where the highest precision finish is required.

Choose Element Six grit solutions to differentiate yourself and to never compromise on the performance, quality and consistency of your tools.

We take a collaborative approach with our customers, working alongside them to develop solutions that are designed to meet their specific challenges.


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Element Six Grits - Heritage with a great future

ABN800 Signature Range

Our tailored ABN800 Signature range has been launched to provide the optimal CBN grit characteristics to satisfy specific customer requirements in Cam & Crank Grinding.

Key benefits of our ABN800 Signature range include:

-    Extended tool life and grinding efficiency
-    Improved compatibility with our customers’ bond systems

ABN800 Signature Range

Discover SDB1200

SDB1200 is the latest addition to our flagship SDB1000 Series, available both uncoated and coated.

It is a premium grade product developed by optimising diamond processing and utilising sophisticated characterisation techniques.

SDB1200 is designed for the most challenging applications including mining core drills and various construction applications.


CSE Wire sawing product range

Our customisable wire saw (WSDB) range has been developed to provide the optimal free cutting and tool life balance for customers.

Developed for a wide range of wire sawing requirements, this bespoke product range can be utilised across all stone types as well as concrete applications.


Single crystal range

Within our cutting tool range of products we offer CVD and HPHT single crystal diamond with 2pt, 3pt and 4pt orientations. For wire drawing dies, our dies range is available in 3pt HPHT stones. Our dresser range is also available as 4pt HPHT logs and 3pt macles.

From wire drawing to grinding wheel dressing, our comprehensive product portfolio covers the full array of solutions where syngle crystal diamond is ideal.
Key benefits of Element Six's single crystal diamond include:

- For cutting tool applications, the choice of HPHT or CVD in multiple orientations, delivering the most optimal solution for each application, whatever tool life requirements are set.

- In dies, thanks to their premium quality and consistency, our 3pt single crystal stones provide highest reliability in fabrication and longer life, with high specifications on wire surface finish and roundness.

- For dressers, multiple orientations provide a choice of highest performance in this demanding application, with 3pt macles used in chisel dressing and 4pt logs for multipoint applications.

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