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Our tungsten carbide and synthetic diamond solutions bring greater operational efficiency to the road, mining and construction industries. Discover how our broad innovations reduce maintenance costs and create a safer working environment.

In large-scale road, mining and construction operations, unreliable machines and tools can have a significant impact on efficiency, increasing operational and maintenance costs.

With the right materials powering your machines and tools, you can achieve a step-change in reliability and performance – ensuring your equipment operates faster, for longer.

Element Six offers tungsten carbide and synthetic diamond supermaterials that can help OEMs, toolmakers and their customers to enhance efficiency, performance and safety.

Our in-house production capabilities mean we can fast-track production to help you overcome your challenges quickly. With a wide range of tungsten carbide and synthetic diamond grades – along with extensive knowledge of the mining and construction industries – we develop bespoke solutions to help strike the perfect balance between price, performance, and longevity.

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MasterGrade™ outperforms standard picks by up to 50%.

Our RM3-M8-XL pick has optimised head design for applications on medium to high powered machines.

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Cutting solutions for tough environments

New MasterGrade™ GH bit

Our new MasterGrade™ GH road milling bit is specially designed for tough conditions where body wash is a problem. 

Utilising our proprietary 'Nano-technology' to enhance the cobalt binder matrix, the GH bit offers a larger tip designed to protect the body, resulting in reduced body wear, longer tool life and increased operating efficiency.

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Enhanced fracture toughness and hardness

Fractures and drill bit failure can quickly bring operations – and efficiency – to a standstill.

Our tungsten carbide inserts for percussive drill bits can help. With our Premium Grade T6, you can improve tool consistency, performance, and fracture toughness.

Mining Bat Roof Bolt

Greater productivity, at a lower cost

Our materials ensure mining and construction tools can work faster, and harder, for much longer.

For instance, our D Power™ Road Picks can exceed 40 times the life of a standard carbide pick, improving milling productivity, mitigating downtime, and significantly reducing costs.

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