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Drilling challenges continue to increase amid greater lateral length and demanding directional objectives. Element Six’s wide range of PCD and tungsten carbide solutions transform tool performance and reliability across the most challenging oil and gas drilling environments.

Oil and gas drilling efficiency and improved supply are vital to the industry. Drilling challenges continue to increase amid greater lateral length and more demanding directional objectives. Oil and gas drilling is also becoming more difficult as sweet-spot deposits are exhausted and more wells are drilled on the flanks of fields.

Element Six provides an array of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and tungsten carbide materials suitable for the oil and gas industry that transform tool performance and reliability across the most challenging drilling applications.

Our unique contribution provides oil and gas drilling technology, which increases capabilities, extends life and improves performance, leading to more efficient drilling and improved utilisation of tools. This results in lower repair and maintenance costs as well as reducing overheads.

Element Six collaborates with companies in the oil and gas sector to help optimise performance across a range of drilling and production applications. We offer a range of solutions. These include polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters, synthetic diamond grit, a range of PDC and tungsten carbide inserts, PDC bearings and a variety of tungsten carbide wear parts suitable for a variety of downhole tools.

All of our products are designed and manufactured from end to end in-house using materials produced by us, so you get a reliable, scalable supply partner. Between our extensive portfolio of PCD and tungsten carbide grades, and our application expertise, we can help design solutions to meet unique oil and gas drilling challenges.


Find out the specific details of the performance of our supermaterials and how they apply to your industry:

Driving a step-change in drilling

Tougher, more resistant cutters

Our impact-resistant cutters deliver market-leading impact toughness, meaning higher performance, longer life, and better resistance to mechanical damage. When combined with our substrate metallurgy, they also provide increased corrosion and erosion resistance, resulting in repeated cutter use and fewer repairs and replacements. In short, a more reliable drill bit for your customer.

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Solutions that work harder for longer

High flow rates, rotary speeds, and axial loads can quickly wear down parts and lead to extensive maintenance times and costs.

Our diamond and tungsten carbide drilling materials feature unique combinations of diamond feeds and tungsten carbide substrates. These help deliver higher levels of wear, impact, thermal and erosion resistance.

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Flexible material design

Every oil and gas application creates unique challenges that demand equally unique solutions.

Our diamond-impregnated segments and tungsten carbide inserts can be designed in a variety of geometries and grit mixes to match specific applications and challenges.

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