Optical applications demand stability and long-lasting components. Element Six CVD diamond solutions deliver enhanced power scaling, higher performance and increased reliability. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities mean we can scale production to meet your evolving needs.

For high-power industrial lasers that require precision optics, conventional materials simply can’t provide the levels of stability needed to eliminate beam distortion and failure. Similarly for applications like infrared spectroscopy, only materials that are robust, chemically inert and able to handle physical contact with samples will do.

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamond combines optical, thermal and mechanical stability and power-scaling that industrial lasers demand, along with the industrial durability needed for infrared spectroscopy.

With Element Six CVD diamond optical components, you can achieve laser systems with higher power density and improve beam quality, while significantly reducing the costs associated with downtime and system failure.

We have complete, end-to-end CVD diamond manufacturing capabilities in different sites around the world and can produce a reliable supply of components that can scale to meet your needs as they evolve.

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High thermal conductivity infrared optical material

To achieve superior performance in high power laser optics applications, you need a material that can quickly disperse heat and minimise any thermal lensing and beam distortion.

CVD diamond can offer you these qualities, along with low absorption that delivers consistent performance in a wide array of environments. It can be processed into a range of precision laser optical components, including planar windows, prisms and lenses to match your application.

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Extreme strength and chemical stability

Equipment used in tough environments requires ruggedness levels not delivered by conventional infrared materials. CVD diamond optics deliver unsurpassed robustness for applications in harsh and exposed environments.

Diafilm™ OP and single crystal CVD diamond are chemically inert, scratch resistant, and can operate in corrosive environments. With a broad transmission range, they are suitable for a wide range of applications and operating environments.

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