Our world-leading range of high-quality CVD, grits and machining products provide solutions to customers across multiple stages of the semiconductor and consumer electronics value chain

Semiconductors are critical enablers at the heart of a vast range of electronic devices and systems, including smartphones, servers and telecommunications infrastructures. Innovations in semiconductor design and manufacturing are driving new, disruptive technologies, such as 5G, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and advanced defence and security applications.

Element Six provides an extensive portfolio of high-quality synthetic diamond solutions, supporting the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing value chains at every stage, from “front end” wafer fabrication, “back end” assembly, packaging and testing, to final electronic device production.

Our CVD diamond thermal management solutions improve the reliability of mission-critical, high-power density RF amplifiers, and enable testing and inspection of processed wafers and semiconductor chips. Our high-performance diamond grits, powders and wire drawing die are integral to the cutting and polishing of semiconductor wafers and the hard optical materials used in smart electronics. Device assembly and integration require precision machining of printed circuit boards and a variety of metal, glass and ceramic materials - our single crystal and polycrystalline diamond ranges for precision machining tools provide the quality and reliability expected by the world-leading industrial manufactures of consumer electronics.

With a wide range of synthetic diamond solutions, decades of technical expertise, scale capabilities, and a collaborative approach to material development, Element Six is uniquely equipped to enable semiconductor manufacturers to optimise their products and overcome even their most demanding process challenges.

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The performance requirements of today’s semiconductor devices and their manufacturing tools requires advanced solutions to manage heat fluxes beyond the capabilities of conventional materials.

CVD diamond heat spreaders and optical windows eliminate heat flux bottlenecks in high power devices, and optimise wafer fabrication and inspection tools.

Thermal management

Materials processing

Semiconductor production consists of a complex chain of fabrication and processing stages in which the minimisation of manufacturing defects is paramount.

Our diamond grit, micron and fine micron are engineered to produce highly consistent properties and behaviours, taking the unpredictability out of the critical dicing, lapping and polishing steps.

Materials processing

Precision machining

Today’s consumer electronic products combine disruptive technology and innovative design. For manufacturers, this means novel materials with demanding machining requirements.

Element Six’s polycrystalline and single crystal diamond ranges match the needs of toolmakers, delivering the ultimate solution in terms quality, consistency, and precision finish.

Precision machining

Diamond substrates

Electronic grade CVD diamond has a low dielectric constant, high charge collection efficiency and is radiation hard, making it an ideal material for high energy particle detectors.

In addition, its high breakdown field and excellent carrier transport properties are attracting intense interest for next generation high-power field effect transistors.

Diamond substrates