Thermal Management Solutions

From video calls to online movie streaming, key services that we take for granted are enabled by advances in high-power RF devices and optoelectronics. These systems put huge computational power demands on the active devices, making efficient cooling solutions a crucial factor to success.

Thermal stress causes ~50% of failure in all electronic components. The simultaneous demand for increased data, bandwidth and computational power in devices such as satellites, base stations and radars is driving the need for significant improved thermal management solutions.

By reducing temperature in high power devices, ensuring that these tasks can be performed without network disruption, Element Six’s innovative CVD diamond technology means these networks don’t have to compromise on performance or reliability.

Our team is available to discuss how the heat spreading properties of synthetic diamond are enabling connectivity for the world’s most demanding communication networks.

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Our thermal management solutions

Element Six’s CVD diamond heat spreaders offer new levels of thermal performance, delivering greater system performance, stability, and device life. Run higher power levels without increasing junction-operating temperature. Read more 

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Oil and Gas Thermal Computer

Step change thermal management of RF devices using CVD diamond

CVD diamond heat spreaders provide superior thermal management for high power RF applications. Thermal conductivity can be engineered to suit the application, but it is necessary to consider the system as a whole in order to achieve maximum benefits.

For active devices CVD diamond heat spreaders enable:

  • Higher power operation for a given maximum operating temperature
  • Reduced peak temperatures (~25%) for a given power

RF resistors using CVD diamond substrates can operate at higher frequencies and powers before parasitic effects lead to signal distortion (>100w & > 10 GHz). Read more

Thermal Satellite