Discover Element Six’s expertise in the design, development and manufacture of wear part solutions. Working together, we can extend the life of both tools and machinery, significantly reducing operational costs and improving safety.

When a component is exposed to constant wear, it can quickly become the source of significant maintenance costs and downtime.

By using the right materials for your wear parts, you can get a more reliable, wear-resistant system that extends maintenance intervals and improves operational efficiency.

Element Six offers a broad range of tungsten carbide supermaterials that can enhance wear resistance, which results in increased lifespan.

Our materials offer outstanding quality and consistency. Working closely with our customers, we design customised wear solutions that meet your requirements.

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Find out the specific details of the performance of our supermaterials and how they apply to your industry:

Extending tool and machinery life

Parts designed around your challenges

Finding the perfect wear part for your applications requires a bespoke approach.

We design all our solutions in close collaboration with our customers to ensure you get components that meet your exact needs.

Wear Hardhats

Deep industry expertise

Our experienced Sales and Technical teams have worked with a range of industries to produce parts that optimise their unique operations.

From agriculture and forestry machinery, to mineral processing and metal forming solutions, we can offer unique industry insights to help you get the most out of your wear parts.

Wear Conveyor

A broad range of grades

With a broad spectrum of tungsten carbide grades, we can cater to a range of requirements.

Whether you need improved fracture toughness, longer life, or a careful balance between longevity and cost, we can find a solution for you.

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